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So I tried eharmony for a year and the quality of women was not that great. I landed one date and didn't even match with a lot of potential. It's not worth the money at all. I've had pretty good luck with Hinge. I haven't had a problem with bots. I've heard stories of scammers, but if. The cost of eharmony is a good thing, in my experience, because the financial commitment means that the people on it are much more likely to be. The cost might seem high, but if you're serious about finding a meaningful connection, it could be worth it. Tips for Maximizing Your eHarmony Experience. EH is not worth the price, most of the accounts are dead or inactive and you have to pay for even the basic things like seeing a girls pictures.

eHarmony got me as well but only for a month since I purchased a month to month subscription. They wouldn't cancel it or refund my money either. The detailed compatibility quiz and matching process are what set eHarmony apart. It's great if you're looking for serious, long-term. No, it's not any better. On day 1 it looked like there were tons of great potential matches, then after the initial blocking (by them and me) of. Most likely, there is not a person on there that matches up with your responses, so they are just showing what is available. EHarmony is not. Imo this site is not worth the money. I renewed because an attractive woman sent me a lot of compliments and they were offering 60% off. The best relationship I've had so far was from someone I met on eHarmony back in and we dated until early I almost deleted the app. But really, don't pay for eHarmony. Even if you think "maybe it's worth it to contact this one person who looks like a promising match", don't. I used eHarmony for a year. It gave me a minimum of 5 matches every day which kept me coming back. It lead to exactly 2 conversations, both of. I've tried both in two different areas (a small city and a very large city). For both, match. EHarmony resulted in few options near me, and most. EHarmony is a mess. You would think it's the opposite because it's expensive. I thought it had better quality. In reality, it was a dumpster. eHarmony is a scam I joined eHarmony recently, and made a complete and totally clean & accurate profile. After a few weeks I noticed none of my matches were.

Yes, the profiles are much more in depth. But you've got to meet, hang out, and see if there's interest or chemistry. I paid for eHarmony and. Online dating is not worth it. No matter what app you use. Don't spend your hard-earned money on that. It's only worth it if you want hookups. With an established site like eHarmony, it is pretty secure. I decided to pay for a whole year, upfront - I think it was £ but this can vary. I met my wife on eHarmony about a week after I joined. The fee was worth it for the simple reason that most people aren't willing to pay $50 a. It's honestly not worth the money but the matches have been more serious about actually wanting to meet and date than the other apps. One of the. Is it worth paying for eHarmony as a 20 year old? As the title says, I'm 20 years old. Right now because of various things going on in my. Year subscription plus tax = about $ I think eHarmony is actually worse than Tinder. The app user interface is clunky, gives countless. Match is totally worth it, but if you're a guy, make sure you have REALLY good pictures and a good bio since women like that stuff usually. Unless you live in a major metropolitan area eHarmony won't do much for you. You'll have better luck getting matches with OkCupid. It will.

Eharmony is a total scam. The membership prices are totally insane and not worth it at all. I had two matches on this service after. Eharmony is a waste of money and time. I've had experiences with a few dating sites. Online dating is trash, in general. People mostly pretend. I'm a 60+ guy. I've had tremendous success on Match, mediocre success on OK Cupid, zero success on Eharmony, Tinder and Hinge. Two much scamming. Imo this site is not worth the money. I renewed because an attractive woman sent me a lot of compliments and they were offering 60% off. Its not worth your money because it isn't cheap and if your area doesn't have a lot of people in it. You'll get hardly any matches. Try it if.

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